Welcome to everysoft.  We provide consulting and custom development services specializing in Android and iOS apps, hybrid web/mobile applications, and responsive websites.

We started everysoft back in 1998 as a producer of CGI applications for commercial and non-profit websites.  Our original products, EveryAuction and EveryChat, helped to create an extensive Open Source community and a number of spin-offs; many which still exist today.  Hundreds of thousands of users worldwide utilized our products to interact with their users and raise money for charity.  Our products were also distributed along with well-known magazines and books such as Internet Auctions for Dummies.

Currently, we provide development services for private clients who typically handle their own distribution.  However, we have also released a number of products as Open Source.  Links to source code are provided on our Open Source page.  If you're interested in some of our other projects, you may wish to visit Matt Hahnfeld's LinkedIn page.

If you have a project you would like us to consider, please reach out to Matt Hahnfeld at matth@everysoft.com.  We will get back in contact with you soon.
EveryAuction Screenshot
EveryAuction 1.5 (circa 2000)

AutoAnswer Screenshot
AutoAnswer for Android (circa 2010)

Repeater Directory Screenshot
Repeater Directory Screenshot
Repeater Directory (circa 2015)